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  • 2x Off line workstation AVID Media Composer 8
  • 1x On line workstation AVID Media Composer 8
  • Capacity around 2000 hours off line, or 200 hours on line in HDTV ress.
  • We use redundant disc array.
  • Input formats:
    • MXF,
    • Digital Betacam,
    • XDCAM,
    • XDCAM HD,
    • miniDV,
    • DVCAM,
    • MOV, MP4, AVI, JPG, TIFF, TGA.
  • Cutting in UHD, HDTV a film 24p cadence is standard.
  • Transkode 24p to 23,97 in realtime for preview on HD monitor.
  • Conversion R3D files for edit
  • Exports for sound to OMF, AAF.
  • We offer on-line and off-line edit suit in best price on market, include color grading consol Euphonix
  • Avid is supplied with plugins BCC and Adobe production premium colection like Photoshop a Illustrator, oncore, AFX, etc.