We are 4movie.

Do you need film shooting? You are at the right place.


Do you need new commercial? You are at the right place.

Grading & composition.

Producing corporate films.

We can prepare, cast, shoot and post your short film.

Simply Graphics animation.

We are 4movie.

Do you need post production? You are at the right place.

Client service

We always take good care of our clients. Refreshments, parking, internet access. We are in good transport accessibility and the infrastructure of shops, restaurants and services is built around us.

All projects are archived in open form. Therefore, it is possible to return to older projects as well.

Online edit

Wa hewe greatest technology for Online, Color grading, Composition and Combine 3D models into 2D scenes. Autodesk Smoke.

Offline edit

We can supply your film, TV series editing with group/colaborative editing system. For commercial we have comfotable place and best equipment for presentation.

2D a 3D animation

Our graphics department offering creative way of daily process. We have a great software and know-how. We can arrange from small outputs till largest outputs for billboard.

Our Clients Love Us

Delivering innovative design is our top priority

Jsou super.

Jana Nová, Prima Coolprodukční

Co slíbí, to splní.

Petr Karel, EURO RSCGmarketing manager

Get ready to stand out

4MOVIE post production allows you to make a lasting impression
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